Internet download manager 6.17 full version

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 IDM or Internet Download Manager is a Well known and popular software
 used by Millions of people through out the world For downloading Data At
 high Speeds From the Internet . It is a 3rd party replacement for your Browser's
 default download Manager . Upon installation it automatically installs a plugin
 in your web Browser which enables it to takeover all the downloads from
 that Moment onward .

The most attractive feautre of this Software is that it accelerates your Download
speed but doesnt double and triple 's your D. speed as the Company and the
makers Claim . It also can download Videos from Youtube and other similar sites .
It can even download Audios streaming in your web browser .

This is An excellent Software/App but the only Problem is that Its a Paid one . We have to Pay $24.95
to get the full version or registered version of this software .
You can buy this software by clicking here

If you dont want to buy this , you can get it for free ! yeah you read it right !
8ruuux will provide the software for free . All you got to do is click the download links below !

{ the download file include " patches " and " cracks " , these are not harmfull to ur system but ur
antivirus software may block it , so plz turn off your antivirus before opening } - to beginners

Instructions included  ;-)
plug off ur net connection and dont update !! 

version 6.17 full package ;  download
version 6.17 crack and patch only ;  download

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